Casting Services


Bronze Casting

Traditionally, most metal sculptures have been cast in bronze. Historically, this very versatile metal was relatively easy to obtain and work with. Given the fact that bronze can be patinated fairly easily, it lends itself to casting sculpture. As a consequence the bulk of the sculpture we cast in metal, is done in bronze.

Aluminium casting

We are pleased to offer sculpture castings in Aluminium and have recently cast over a thousand items, successfully,in this versatile material.

Casting in aluminium requires specialized equipment and expertise; consequently it is not generally considered for sculpture casting but its light weight, corrosion resistance and durability makes it suitable for certain sculpture projects.

Aluminium’s natural finish together with an applied patina (black) creates  an “old English silver”appearance. In addition the aluminium can be anodized to provide  surface finishes in a range of colours,that renders it impervious to corrosion.


Stainless steel casting

We are in the unique position to offer stainless steel sculpture casting,  in addition to regular bronze and resin castings. This allows for the creation of durable sculptures that are compatible with modern environments.

Stainless steel is a relatively hard material, so care has to be taken to anticipate attachment points etc. in the waxes prior to casting to avoid machining, where possible, as this would require heat treatment which incurs extra cost.

In its “as cast” state stainless steel accepts a limited range of patinas and it can be polished to a mirror finish. As stainless steel has a higher melting point, it incurs a cost of 5 to 10%  more than a comparable bronze casting. By providing castings in this versatile, durable material we hope to facilitate the creation of numerous avant-garde stainless  steel  sculptures!

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Cement fondu casting

In 1966 I (Earle Parker) started taking sculpture lessons at the Cape Technicon, under the guidance of Michael, son of the renowned sculptor, Ivan Mitford-Barberton. During that era at the Technicon, all sculptures were cast in cement fondu.

With the excitement of the advent of plastics during the seventies the use of fondu was somewhat eclipsed but lately there has been a revival of interest in this versatile, rugged, durable, non-hazardous, non-toxic, easily applied, eco-friendly material.

In the meantime, during the past 50 years, I have cast scores of sculptures in fondu and gained experience in the different effects attainable using various aggregates and pigments. With the rise in incidences of theft of bronze (and other metal) sculptures, cement fondu can offer an inexpensive comparable alternative at about a third of the cost.

Life casts

We make moulds of quick setting (2-3 min.) flexible material of various body parts. A popular example are hands and feet of babies.
The moulds are then filled with wax and these waxes are then used to make castings in bronze, stainless steel or aluminum to make charming and enduring mementos.

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